Monday, 7 January 2013

First reactions to the new Dark Angels!

In this article I'm going to give you my first reactions to the new models (given the new high detail pictures of them and what we know about their rules!)

If you want to purchase any of these new models, check out this page here! Contains some further thoughts and the best/cheapest places to buy!

First up we have the Deathwing Command Squad/Knights/Terminators. Model wise they look great, I've already ordered 3 sets of these just based on that! The kit as all the heavy weapon options (which means no more hunting around on the bitz stores for that sought after Cyclone missile launcher!). Rules wise all flavours of the Deathwing squads look great, and I'd be surprised if we didn't see 10-15 Terminators in each 1500+ list

Start of a few Ravenwing kits now; first up is the Bikers. Again, like the Deathwing they are a pretty much complete kit, with all major options included. All variations of the bike squad look deadly, however I think that the Knights will be a more common unit, probably in 3s or 6s. I plan to run a 3 of knights for teleporter homer purposes which can then form a distraction to my opponent. Considering how good Deathwing are, and the fact that ravening come with homers, expect to see 2-3 groups of 3 bikers in most lists.

Now we're onto the new speeder; given the voice of the internet, this speeder is a little like Marmite  you either love it and will use it regardless of rules, hate it and not use it regardless of rules, or if you're like me, see how it fits in with everything else you have. I can't say I love the design of the model, but at the same time have nothing against it. Considering I will play primarily Deathwing, and to keep this thing alive long enough you'll need a mainly Ravenwing force, don't expect to see this in any of my lists just yet.

Lastly we have the 1 kit which I feel will be in every Dark Angels list (and depending on how the rules turn out, maybe in some allied SM lists too). While I'm not overly keen on the masonry flyer, if I was going to use it, it would have the body of the non masonry one (stay tuned for a modelling tutorial on this). The anti-flyer flyer will definitely be in mine and many others' lists; a flyer who's sole job is to take put other flyers? Sold! This will stop you worrying about your opponents flyers while punishing him if he doesn't have any anti flyer stuff!

Okay, so that's first reactions, check out the box on the right hand side of the blog to see what other articles are coming up this week, and expect in depth reviews and tacticas as soon as the codex hits on saturday!

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