Thursday, 3 January 2013

Some rumours on Deathwing Squads

Some nice rumours have surfaced about the Deathwing Squads

Terminator Squad 220 points for 5 models. 
May include up to five more marines at xx pts apiece 
For every 5 models one marine may choose a weapon upgrade from: 
ac, heavy flamer, plasma cannon or cyclone. 
Assault cannon is cheaper than it is currently. 
Cyclone is slightly more expensive than currently, but not as expensive as the current assault cannon. 
Chainfist remains as is. 
Plasma cannon is cheaper than new assault cannon. 
Heavy flamer is twice as much as it is currently, but still cheapest heavy weapon upgrade option. 
Th/ss are now a costed upgrade (but cheap) 
Twin claws are a free swap for fist/stormbolter.
In order of cost: Heavy flamer Plasma cannon Assault cannon Cyclone missile launcher

Oh and Deathwing Knights are 235 points for the basic 5-man unit  

So by the looks of this, the Plasma will be a good options, Terminators aren't overly expensive and we've not lost anything major, looking good!

Stay tuned for White Dwarf info tomorrow!

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