Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tournament List Musings

Little bit of background to this post, bare with me for a sec...

I know I've set out a post schedule on the right, but as you can tell from this post, that is just a rough idea. Right now I'm in the middle of several exams (how lucky am I!?) so finding time to blog amongst a load of revision isn't by any means easy! Now this doesn't mean I'm going to take a break from this blog, how could I when the codex coming out in a few days? But what it does mean is my posts might be a little more spontaneous, so if you can put up with this for a few more days the articles all about the new codex and what you can do with it will be flowing out of here!

Anyway, I'm sat on a bus on a cold Wednesday morning, thinking about possible lists, got my iPad out, started writing, and this post is a result of that musing......

I've just booked a place for my first tournament of 2013 and the one which will be my first using the new Dark Angels! (well mostly Dark Angels anyway, more about that in a bit)

It's a tournament, Target Sighted, at a local shop, The Outpost, which I never knew existed until very recently! It takes place towards the end of February, so just over a month away (if you're near the Sheffield area and interested in attending then I recommend you check out the venue and attend the event!). Considering that the event is not long away and as of yet I haven't ordered a full army* I think I may have to use some allies in this list. I plan to keep them to a minimal, use as many points of Dark Angels as I have, then fill in the rest using a few Grey Knights I have around somewhere.

*my initial order consists of Dark Vengeance, Bellial, a Terminator Box and a hell of a lot of modelling stuff (2 cans of spray paint, 20 paints, new brushes, glues etc. etc.). Chances are I won't be able to order any more stuff till around the time of the event, so by the time my order turns up I won't have them tournament ready.

These are the models I'll have available to me for the event

Captain/Company master (DV)
Librarian (DV)
x5 Deathwing Knights/Command squad (I will have one of both eventually, just not sure which to build my first box up as, lets see the difference in rules first!)
x5 Deathwing Terminators (DV)
x10 Space Marines (DV)
x3 Ravenwing Bikers

x10 Grey Knight Terminators
Callidus Assassin
Vindicare Assassin

With those being the models at my disposal and since that this tournament is a relatively friendly one (basically I'm not going with a finely tuned list, just something which will be fun to use and showcase some of the new Dark Angels, a suitable first outing I hope you'll agree!) I think my list will look something like this:

x5 Deathwing Knights/Command squad
x5 Deathwing Terminators
x10 Space Marines
x3 Ravenwing Bikers

x5 Grey Knight Terminators
Callidus Assassin

Obviously none have any equipment yet and this list is only rough as since we don't know any points costs for the Dark Angels its hard to tell where abouts this list will come out. Though given what we know and going off past codexs, this looks around 1500 to me!

I'm not going to go into any more detail or tactics surrounding this as we don't know what anything does yet! But this should hopefully give you an idea of where I'm at and what I'll be taking to the tournament in February!

Let me know what you think of this proposed (very rough!) list!

A more complete first draft of my tournament will be up early/mid next week, as soon as I've had a chance to read the codex and some first reaction and tactica articles are up!


  1. Good luck getting your DA done for the tournament. I'll see you there as I'm heading over with a couple of mates too. Perhaps we'll get a game? If not we could try and arrange a battle at some point if you're in the Sheffield area.

    Blog is looking good mate. I'll be checking back here regularly. Just given you a shout on mine.

    1. That's good to hear! I'm sure we could get a game, maybe even ask the T.O. to pair us up for the first round if you're interested. Sure, would like to do that anyway, we could maybe get a little bit of 'Lion and the Wolf' style matches going on ;) a little friendly 'grudge/themed' series ;)

      Thanks! I appreciate, I'll mention your blog in my next post too (hopefully out tomorrow)


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