Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Yes, you read that right, I'M BACK!

Just as soon as I had got the blog up and running I was hit with a series of unfortunate events (yes I did just steal a book series title...). To cut a long story short (doubt any of you would want to hear my sop story) I was quite ill, then hit with a mountain of work/exams (fun times kids) then finally internet issues and my laptop packing in.

I think its fair to say that I was unable to blog at all during that time, however, everything has resolved itself, I'm back, articles have been penned, blog posts written, lets get back to the Dark Angels!

As a side note, since I've been out of this for a little while I've not been able to keep up to date with all the Dark Angels stuff, so... comment bellow with stories of how your Dark Angels have been fairing and what you have found out about the new codex!


  1. Banner of Devastation is the bomb. This 65pt beauty really give us Dark Angels the teeth we need for the Space Marine gun line army we were once known for in our Siege Wing (aka Greenwing). Let the Blood Angels and Space Wolves bloody themselves face to face. Now we can line up and give the hurt to CC armies again without getting over run after our first salvo.

    Lot of people think twice before getting 40 rounds of overwatch when they charge our Tac squad now with small elite CC squads. This tactic is also great on the offence as once you get out of Rhino and line up, you only get 2 shots at 12in, but then on overwatch you get the full 4 shots again ( as moving penalty only counts till end of your turn in 6th Ed rules). So that’s 60 rounds at your target before they even get to think about playing with their knives and swords.

    This Banner also allows our Ravenwing the ability to put out equally impressive firepower for their cost. Now we’re shooting 24 TL shots at 2ft on the move(got to love Relentless rule) with just 6 bikes; a better rate of fire then most full 10 man squads of any army. No need to get within an easy charge range, so we can just harass or pray to death without getting our robes dirty.

    Finally, our command squads get the ability to protect themselves from Sniping with Storm Shields, so don’t forget to give the Banner guy his 3+ inv. Combined with a LRC to hide in, you should be assured survival for most the game.

  2. I was really looking forward to following this blog but with two posts in 5 months? Did you stop buying/playing/caringfor the dark angels?

  3. With that said I've been really enjoying my Dark Angels. It is my first foray into 40k so I'm not going to talk about tactics or what is good.

    However, I will say that I absolutely love playing with the Deathwing Knights. The models are outstanding and when I go in and smite something it dies. The deathwing coming down turn 1 and TL their Bolters/AssaultCannon is pretty fun as well. Alternatively I've had a lot of success with a Devastator squad with 2 PCannons and 2 Flakk Missile Launchers with signum. When you shoot the sky you can't fire the plasma cannons, but this really gives the unit a lot of options.

    Also loving the librarian with the signature spell of Twin Linked shooting and fighting.


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    The models are outstanding and when I go in and smite something it dies.


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