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I started this blog because I have always wanted to start a Dark Angels army, and with the release of a new codex and models in January 2013 now's as good as time as any to start!

I plan to document everything I do relating to the army; so you can expect a lot of battle reports, tactica articles, tutorials (painting and modelling), different themed army lists, news, rumours, reviews and much, much more...

This blog is, and always shall be, free to view, no restricted content etc. The only thing that I ask is that you buy all your wargaming items from Wayland Games - they offer a great discount (at least 20%) & great service. I ask that you buy your stuff from them through any links and banners on my site, as that gives me a small commission which I can use to help fund trips to various events; giving you more content to read! Any surplus will be used to buy Dark Angels kits which will be raffled off to subscribers of the blog!

Underneath each post, you'll see something which looks like this

By clicking on the labels you'll be taken to a list of posts with the same labels, allowing you to find similar content easily.

What I'm really interested in is the '+1', '0', '-1' 

After reading a post on this blog, it would be incredibly helpful if you could just click on one of those 3 options; 
'+1' if you thought the article was good
'0' if it didn't nothing for you, was neither good nor bad
'-1' if you thought it was a bad article, factually incorrect, poorly written etc. 

I'd also be grateful if you left me a comment on the post, telling me what you think of the article, this will help my judge how to change future articles I will write and it helps to get a community going on the blog!

Now onto the social media side!

You'll also notice that under each post you can share it on facebook, post it on twitter, email it or reblog it. Feel free to do any of those! The more you help me share these posts the more people will read them, the more the posts get read the more content I'll be able to share with you!

I've also included on the top row of pages links to the blog's TwitterFacebook and YouTube channel so you can easily find them, and down the right-hand side links for you to followlike and subscribe. Please use these pages, if you have a Twitter account follow! a Facebook account like! a YouTube account subscribe! Lets get a community going here! 

I'm also all for supporting other blogs and networks! So if you have a (or know of a good) blog, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube account linked to Warhammer/Wargaming in any way, shape of form, let me know! (Preferably through email, comment on this post or social media) and I'll add them to the blog-roll, follow, like or subscribe!

You'll also notice the blog email address (angelsofdeathblog@gmail.com) feel free to contact me on there if you're not a fan of using social media.


  1. This looks like a great blog. I am currently on the same path so it will be interesting to see your progress and direction alongside my own.

    Good luck and come on the 5th!!

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, not long to go now, we'll soon have a new Codex and models to pour over, so expect loads of articles coming later this month!


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