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  1. DA - Success!! 1500 pt. Ledge matches of a month 4-1 victories, My army was the following HQ: Beliel, Biker Librarian, Troops: 5 scouts w/t camo cloches, Tactic Squad - Plasma, 5 man Assault Termies w/t Assault Cannon, 7 man Tactical Termies w/t Assault Cannon. Fast Attack: 6 man bikes - melta, 1 Attack Bike w/t Multi Melta, Land Speeder Typhoon!
    Win - Match 1: Deamons - "Fly Circus" HQ/Heavy: Changer of Secrets, 2x Deamon Princes, 1 Unque D Prince (Data Sheet or Expansion unit), Troops: 2x Pink Horror Squads
    Win - Match 2: Deamons - "Nurgle Grinding List" HQ: D Prince (wings), Heavy: 3x Soul Grinders, Troops: 2 Plague Bearer Squads (15-20 Models), Troops or Fast: Nurgle Drones (15-20)
    Lose - Match 3: SM "White Scars & Khan, Troops 3x 8 Man Biker Squads w/t Melta and fist, 2x 8 Man Biker Squads w/t Grav Guns and fist, 2x Storm Wing Talons.
    Win - Match 4: Tyriand - "Consuming Ball" , Flying Hive Tyrant, Troops: TermaGaunts Squad (30), Melee Warrior Squad (6-8), Ranged Warrior (6-8), Fast Flying Warriors 6-8, Heavy: Exocrine
    Win - Match 5: SM - "White Scars & Iron Hands" HQ: Chapter Master Biker TH & SS Artificer Armor (White Scares), Command Squad on Bikes w/t TH & SS and an Apothecary (White Scares), Chapter Master Biker TH & SS Artificer Armor (Iron Warriors), Captain Biker Relic Sword Artificer Armor , 2x Biker Squads - Meltas, 1 Biker Squad - Grav Guns, 5 man Scouts


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