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  1. I play Multi-Wing Dark Angles with some infantry support. Take a look at the Battle Rep Post to see my 1500 point list. When playing Dark Angles it best to have a solemn and reserved attitude, like the codex fluff suggests.

    Death-Wing Assault - It's not enough to simply have your Terminator Deep Strike in Next to a Squad turn 1 or 2. The Terminators are my Attack units but they need support. Ideally keep them within 8-12" of your other squads. Tactical Terminator should be placed in 18-30" from three of the four board edges (Close to the center of the board), When you place Tactical Terminator the should be 18-24 inches from all enemy assault units (Really abuse their Range), Assault Terminators are very similar, but the 8-12" inches support range is the most important rule to follow. Finally, If you bring Terminators as Troops your opponent cant just ignore them.

    Raven-Wing - Dark Angel Bike are weak, pricey and going to cost you first blood alot. They are also great support units,Take Advantage of using their Locator Beacons and Combat Squad Them. Biker Librarians can be effect tools to improve there performance in a supporting role. Keep your bikes hidden and run away with them. Honestly, never get closer then 23.5" from an enemy squad if the have bolters or some bolter equivalent. Be Reserved, the longer they stay alive the move valuable they become.

    Marine and Scouts - Honestly, these guy require in game experience. Here's a few things to focus on Turn 1, Placement (don't expect them more then 18 inches in a game). When Combat Squading and Going to Ground is a good Idea or bad Idea.

  2. Originally I was posting a novel on the many tactics of Dark Angels, but I've simplified it down to just showing my most successful list. It demonstrates some of the best (not saying much) combos able to the Dark Angels.

    2000 Points
    Ezekiel (Riding in a Rhino with one of the Marines)
    Librarian (2) on Attack Bike with Conversion Field and Melta Bombs
    Techmarine on Attack Bike with PFG, Servo Harness, and Melta Bombs

    2 - Tactical Marines (8) w/Rhino: Plasma Gun

    Dreadnought w/Drop Pod: Twin Linked Auto-cannons

    2 - Veteran Squads (5) w/Drop Pod: x4 Combi-Melta, and Meltagun on SGT; Drop pods have the Deathwind Missile Launcher

    Fast Attack:
    Ravenwing Black Knights (8): All Plasma

    Heavy Support:
    2 - Vindicators
    1 - Lascannon Predator

    The idea: Give both Ezekiel and the Librarian the powers of Telepathy (and pray you get invisibility). Carefully position the Techmarine between the two Vindicators and the Predator, so that you will almost always give them the 4++ save even in the open! Ride the Librarian with the bikers. When casting a power with Ezekiel, exit the Rhino (before it moves) and cast the power. In the shooting phase, flat out the rhino in front of Ezekiel and his Squad to block LOS.

    Drop both of the Veteran squads first, and onto your most hated part of your enemy's army. The Dreadnought should be dropped within your base, so that it may shoot down any enemy flyers.

    Good Luck!


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